June 18, 2006

Moving... (again)

Rolling... rolling... rolling... Keep'm doggies movin'...
Rolling... rolling... rolling... Rawhide!
Its moving time again. After moving eight times in two years, I managed not to move for the last three years - and the exponential accumulation of stuff (read: crap) has occured once again (will I ever learn?).

To be honest, I'm a bit torn about this move.

It closes a chapter of my life (a.k.a. my UC Berkeley years), that I don't really want to close. But like all things, I know that it's only natural for chapters to close. And I know that I'm supposed to look forward to the upcoming new chapter - but Barnes and Nobles seems to have run out of the Cliff's Notes summary for my life - and it's a bit scarry not knowing what's coming up after the next bend in the road.

In the meantime, here's some random thoughts in regards to moving...

- Why is it all my polish friends gave me vodka for gifts? (I have two Polish friends, and both of them have given me Vodka as gifts in the last five years). If I ever end up an alcoholic, it's because I was too lazy to try and move the vodka (choosing to drink it instead).

- Is it possible to have more Teddy bears post Cornell than pre Cornell? (come to think of it, I went to college with only 1 teddy bear. I now have over 10 - there's something wrong with this picture). at some point, I'm sure that I'll figure it out.

- Children's Moving Books... When I was younger, we always had to read some book about a child moving from school to school. At the time, I thought that it was pretty cool (getting to move). I'm pretty sure that it was to prepare some of us for the inevitable (having to move). Either way, what they left out in all of those books was what a pain in the butt it is to move. I mean really. had they talked about how hard it was for the parents to move, it wouldn't have sounded so cool - and I wouldn't be so willing to move these days.

Anyways - it's time to go polish off some of the vodka. Peace.

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