October 23, 2005

Lyrical Life

Lyrical Life
By Connie Post, Poet Laureate of Livermore
Dedicated to the Livermore Valley Opera - June 26, 2005

It is music
In all its grace and gratitude
That finds you in the middle of the night
Finds you when you thought
It had forgotten you

Finds you on a walk
In the middle of a quiet street
The trees singing aria with sky

It is harmony that seeks to complete itself
When chords find you
Like nostalgia
Like fate

It is when the octave of your days
Seems to span over reach reminiscent moment
And tells you it is music
That composed your most pensive thoughts
Created all of the notes
On the page of your existence

It was when you felt most alone
That a minor chord crept up on the couch
By your side
And seemed to absorb every lonely moment
You've ever had

It was when you sat with someone on an old porch
And remembered days of acapella
And the crescendo of spring
We write our symphonies
As we walk across a stage custom made for our voices

Bring lyrics that fall like snow around our ears
And capture each whole note
Like an opus
Like a song we have been trying to sing
All of our lives.

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October 05, 2005

Eggs... and Potatos

Dear Diary.

Its been awhile. Maybe everyone's stopped reading. Now the only question is whether or not that's a good thing or a bad thing. =) (Am I the only person who writes a blog and wishes that no one would read it?)

I've been busy late. Too many things. Too little time. The irony is that my boss is the one who told me that I should do more things outside of work. But now that I'm doing more things, I'm even more tired (and slightly less happy). But I digress. Today's subject is : Eggs and Potatos.

Lately, I've taken to volunteering on the weekends. I used to do it alot when I was in high school - but I seem to have lost the philantrophic aspect of my personality lately - so it seems about time to get back in touch with it. (that's where the eggs and potatos come in. really!)

I actually really like food prep. not actual cooking - since that requires timing and mental thought. Just the prep portion. Its usually pretty mindless and repetitive. I've actually learned alot about myself from doing prep work. I learned that I have this sub-conscious need to optimize everything. The optimal way to make cheese sandwiches is to rip the top of the bag of bread open, and then add the cheese as if you're filing papers (trust me, I measured this out). The optimal way to make potatos is to add liquid before the powdered potatos soak it all up. And the optimal way to crack hundreds of eggs is to do them two at a time (one in each hand). I guess the side benefit is that one day, I might be able to impress a girl with this trick.

Anyways. who knew you could learn so much from eggs and potatos.

I hope all is well.

- Brice

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