August 19, 2004

Rolling... Rolling... Rolling...

I guess its a sad thing when the blog spammers (people who spam by adding comments to the blogs) don't even bother spamming my blog anymore.

(which brings the obvious question - If a blog in a forest fails to be spammed, and no one notices, has the blog really not been spammed?)

Ok. that was kinda convoluted.

Anyways, I figured last night that the GMAT's Critical Reasoning is pertty cruel. It preys off the fact that people tend to include information from their past when making a decision - so many of the questions can be simply answered by just looking at exactly what the question told you (without interjecting personal knowledge). But for me, (the highly opioniated person that I am), everything comes with a dollup of my own "knowledge". Which I find to be quite painful for me. But that in itself begs a question. If the GMAT (or GMAC) or business schools in general are trying to test my reasoning skills, wouldn't they want me to make a decision with as much information as possible?

So much for reason in this world.

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