March 31, 2004

Vested. Finally.

1 Year down. Three more to go. (enough said).

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March 20, 2004

Mean People

Who in the world would ever spam a blog?
I mean really, why do people have to take advantage of every little system to get their word out... And in this case... I didn't realize that blog's were a great way to advertise african-american she-males.

(Hopefully Google won't now associate this site with African-american she-males, but I digress).

I suppose this is what I get for neglecting this site for so long (I didn't mean to, really!). I've just been supper ultra busy. and it hasn't been because I've been playing video games (the sad part is that I don't have an excuse to plug in here, other then I have been working alot).

But going back to the topic of spamming... What do people think. that if I see an add for viagara, I'm going to buy it? I'm gulible, and I have some disposable income to spend right now... but still. I mean 60 e-mails a day? at least I'm not getting pitched single(s) ads. that would be much worse. well. maybe they'd actually be useful. anyways...

So: I honestly have a full series of post topics that I wanted to write about, but just haven't had the time (honest!). such as:

* I never realized how management is much like parenting. Not that I have experience in either of the above two fields yet, but I am begining to notice distinct similarities between my intern and my pet fish (please don't interpret this literally).

* Why do all red foods taste the same to me? (just like I pretty much anything golden brown - eggrolls, donuts, caramel).


* Is it really all that un-ethical to re-gift gifts? I mean really, what in the world am I ever going to do with gift basket full of wine? (well - other than the obvious).

Anyways, some day (hopefully in the near future - e.g. this weekend), I'll be able to expound upon what I just said - since afterall, my boss told me that he'd fire me if I came into work this weekend... which leaves me in the conundrum... do I go into work this weekend? ah the irony of life.

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