November 29, 2003

So Now What?

Somethings Never Change:
+ I am still tired.
+ I still work too many hours
+ I still need to go work out more often

Somethings Are Never the Same:
+ I moved. Closer to Work. (Was this really a good idea?)
+ In the process, I rearranged my room for the umpteenth time
+ I went to my first Day After Thanksgiving Sale at 6AM (but promptly turned around when I saw the crowd... there's always next year).

Somethings I'd Like to Change... But Haven't Been Able to Yet
+ I am still somewhat afraid of the dark. Which makes for moving into a new apartment all the more interesting...
+ I still don't post enough to this weblog
+ I still don't go after the things that I really want

Somethings I'd like NOT to Change... But Have Already Changed
+ Somewhere along the way, in the last few years, I've lost some of my naivite
+ My understanding of myself. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss.
+ My weight... but see above for that one.

Somthings Questions I'd Like Answered:
+ What is Love? And Why is it so fleeting?
+ Why is life so ironic?
+ And if those cameras that are on top of traffic lights aren't there to give tickets, what exactly are they there for?

Somethings that I can Answer:
+ Peanutbutter and Shellfish.
+ 3
+ e.e. Cummings

I'm sorry for not writing more often. But lately, I've found it harder and harder to write. Writing, unlike talking, is hard for me to do. Its more permanent. It has to be thought out more. It can be taken in a multitude of ways. And sometimes... writing something down means that I have to acknowledge it as something that is true. Which brings me to:

Somethings that I wish weren't true:
+ That we only have one life to lead
+ That love happens only so often, and can be easily confused for other things
+ That at the end of the day, we as people are alone - for better or for worse... that the only true judges of who we are as people are ourselves... and that there are somethings that we as people want to communicate to other people... but can't... because since we are alone, by definition, it would be almost impossible for the other person to trully understand what we were saying.

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