August 23, 2003

This Shouldn't Really Be Funny...

But in my first responder book... (First Responder - Your First Response in Emergency Care, 3rd Edition - by the National Safety Council and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) on page 28:

"REMEMBER: If you are injured or killed, you lose your ability to help those in need."

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August 15, 2003

Broadband?... In LA? Help!

What does a person have to do to get Broadband in the LA Area?
Well. broadband for a laptop that I dragged down with me.
For less than $30 a month (T-Mobile).
or $6 an hour (Kinkos, Sherman Oaks).
and that works (Kinkos, Studio City).
From a karma standpoint, I should stop bitching.
Afterall, the solution to the above question is secretly borrowing an internet connection from the Kinkos, Encino... (Actually, it was like that when I got here, seriously).
Anyways, on my hour and a half long journey to find broadband for my "mobile technoloogy laptop", I ran into many barriers - the least of which was trying to find a reasonable price to pay for internet access. But then it hit me. (Listen up Betty: Here's my pearl of wisdom for this post)...

Several days ago, I realized that I was sad. And the "sad" part about being sad was recoginizing it as a fact (ignorance is truly bliss in my world). Its one thing to be sad. Its another thing to realize that you're sad. Its an even worse thing to realize that you've been sad before, and its a long process to recovery (and there's no simple 12 step program to fix it). And then someone at work made a comment about work. "If we don't do anything different, we're going to find ourselves in this exact same situation six weeks down the road..."

I've been grappling with the concept that all of my problems at work can be directly associated with problems in my life in general... But this time, a solution (or at least a concept) at work looks like it will be a possible solution (or again, at least a concept) in my own life... That if I don't do something different, I'll find myself in this exact same situation six weeks/months/years down the road... (with the sideline concept that only you / I have the power to do something about it.

So that was my epihany. If I don't change the way I view the world, I will be destined to follow the same path - for better or worse - until I change. Translated to the broadband situation... Only I can stop myself from being frustrated by little things as "Missing Ports"... "Buy this broadband card to get access at starbucks"... and the occasional "Here's a phone line you can use to dial-up"...

Hopefully this will make me a better person. (or at least get me out of this cycle).

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August 07, 2003


Is it a bad thing if 4 of your last 5 dinners consisted primarily of watermellon?
For some reason, I think that this was one of my childhood dreams... Now, I can't imagine why.

-- At least it's a seedless watermellon --

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