February 25, 2003

A Few of My Favorite Things...

{Someday, I will get around to writing about the accident... Till then, here's my favorite poem....}

anyone lived in a pretty how town
anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)
spring summer autumn winter
he sang his didn't he danced his did

Women and men(both little and small)
cared for anyone not at all
they sowed their isn't they reaped their same
sun moon stars rain

children guessed(but only a few
and down they forgot as up they grew
autumn winter spring summer)
that noone loved him more by more

when by now and tree by leaf
she laughed his joy she cried his grief
bird by snow and stir by still
anyone's any was all to her

someones married their everyones
laughed their cryings and did their dance
(sleep wake hope and then)they
said their nevers they slept their dream

stars rain sun moon
(and only the snow can begin to explain
how children are apt to forget to remember
with up so floating many bells down)

one day anyone died i guess
(and noone stooped to kiss his face)
busy folk buried them side by side
little by little and was by was

all by all and deep by deep
and more by more they dream their sleep
noone and anyone earth by april
wish by spirit and if by yes.

Women and men(both dong and ding)
summer autumn winter spring
reaped their sowing and went their came
sun moon stars rain

-e. e. cummings

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February 23, 2003

Dear Mr. Henshaw....

I think that everone who grew up in the United States has read the Beverly Cleary series. I actually think that I read the entire series at least twice... With the exception of 'Dear Mr. Hensaw"... At the time, I remember wondering "who in the world would ever write a diary... let alone someone writing a diary that no one will ever read... it seems so pointless" (ah, my pragmatic side, showing itself at age 8).

One of my relatives just told me that he didn't understand web-logs, because either they are somewhat superficial (like this is what I did today), or if they're not, who would ever want to publish to the world what are inherently personal thoughts.

And somewhere in between those two thoughts are the reasons behind this web diary. Once upon a time, I used to write about everything and nothing. Being pragmatic, I needed a justification for writing (someone to give a letter to). After the injury (again, this will have to wait for a later post), I realize that the only way for me to fathom what has just happened to me (apparently, I was almost brain dead), and for me to be able to put my thoughts into words on "paper" so that I could analyze them later would require something like a web diary.

In short, this web-log allows me to feel as though I am writing to myself (so I don't have to worry about directing this to anyone, or how anyone interprets what I am saying), while still giving the pragmatic side of me a sense of "purpose". Maybe someday I'll take this thing private. Maybe this will stay up for as long as I can afford the domain name. Maybe all my posts will end up being superficial. Maybe no one will read my posts. Maybe I will post things that really aren't supposed to be posted to the public. Or maybe... just maybe... this diary will allow me to fathom what's happened in the last month... and regain some feeling of control my life which was taken away from me in the accident. I don't know.

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Magellan... What a Wonderful Name

I never realized that I truly lack creativity. I guess its no wonder why I am an engineer. I decided after my accident (see a later post for details) that I would start writing again. After viewing Darren's page, and seeing Dave Bernreuther's page I decided that I would actually do something with the pleathora of semi-impared time that I have right now, and create an online diary. The only problem was that I needed a domain name.

One of my friends in Utah told me that she just got a golden retreiver puppy, and its name was magellan. And the only thing that I could think of was that "Magellan is such a wonderful name..." I don't even have to see this puppy, I can just sense that it is aptly named... It also turns out that my boss has a cat named Magellan as well. It was at that point that I realized that I am horrible at naming things. horrible.

Case in point: When I was younger my parents got me a stuffed animal (it was a raccon). Lacking the ability to name things then, I called it "Racconi". When my younger sister got a teddy bear, she named it "Teddy Bear" (which doesn't surprise me since I think that she suffers from the same lack of naming ability). In a fit of creative inspiration, "Racconi" was then changed to "Teddy Raccon" which it has been ever since. I won't even begin to go into the subject of how he got his middle name.

So I spent days trying to think up of a domain name. Days. When you've suffered a brain injury, time is actually somewhat irrelevant. There really is nowhere to be, and actually, nothing really to do. I discoverd that I really like "Figaro" as a cat's name. But only if it looks like the cat from Pinochio.

I wanted "LongStrangeTrip" but alas, it was already taken. I thought about "Long Letters" but realized that as a domain name, people might mis-interpret it (Long letters is based off of the quote that you see on the main page). So, in a fit of insomnia, I finally settled upon the name "randomlywalking" because at this point, that's what life feels like to me. I am on a random journey, that is mostly done at the walking pace. I figured that it has the right balance between stating how random life is - and for the most part, out of our control, and being overtly cynical about that entire subject.

I truly hope that this website will grow on the people who choose to read these "random musings"... and in the meantime, I have a new found respect for people who have the creativity to instantly name things...

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And Then... There Was Light...

Two days, and what seems like hundreds of "trial and error" attempts, I think that I have finally got the hang of at least the baics of this web-logging idea. Special thanks to the people who let me stay up all night these last two days, and to Darren Leung from who I shamlessly lifted most (if not all) of this site from.

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