June 10, 2007

More in a Series of Firsts...

And today was the first day that I've wanted to post a message... only to realize that I've already posted the message... four years ago... See "Dear Mr. Henshaw" from 2/23/2003

-- The Back Story --
For once, I'm actually going to explain out one of my thoughts. I mentioned earlier today that it's only at Google that I've ever had to schedule a meeting with a co-worker to play on a Wii (nominally during work hours) - to which she asked me where my blog was... Which I found to be an interesting question...

I mean - on one hand, I found it interesting that someone would actually want to know what I'm thinking - on the other hand, I found it somewhat scary that (nominally) a complete stranger could be reading my thoughts... Which then made me wonder what was the point of me starting a blog in the first place? (If you don't think that people want to know what you're thinking, and if you don't want them to know, why blog?), and then I remembered that there's something about blogging where it's somewhat private, but yet very public at the same time that was very intriguing... So I wanted to write a post about this idea... Until I realized that I had already written one about this idea... when I first started this blog.

At least I'm internally consistent! =)

Since one of my goals is to blog more this summer, I guess this won't be the last time this happens.

Posted by Brice at June 10, 2007 12:47 PM